The Japanese journal of developmental psychology 30, 2, 86-100 (2019).
Children’s Experiences with regard to Parental Conflict and Co-parenting after Separation or Divorce


Jikihara, Y. & Ando, S.


Peer-Reviewed Journal


This study aimed at exploring and identifying forms of parental conflict and co-parenting after separation or divorce. A total of 14 men and women―with children in their late teens and parents in their 40s―were interviewed. Their responses were categorized on the basis of the interview content, generating the following types of parental conflict: “bad-mouthing,” “caught between parents,” and “ongoing quarrels,” as well as parental cooperation in terms of “economic support,” “parenting time,” and “trust between parents.” We performed a correspondence analysis, which grouped responses into three types―“cooperation/continuation of parenting time,” “caught between parents/interruption of parenting time,” and bad-mouthing/no parenting time.” Case studies were conducted to compare each type with the experiences and significance of divorce. In the latter two groups, while many felt that they had experienced a negative influence, there were also many who felt positively about the divorce of their parents.